Angelica Krystle Donati

“Quality is the most important distinguishing characteristic of Donati Immobiliare Group, and our principal driver for success. We strive for excellence in quality across the board, from our project selection through their means of execution to the final products we deliver. In order to do so, we consistently work with the best: we use the best materials, select the best staff and work with the best partners for each individual project.”

Angelica Krystle Donati


Angelica Krystle Donati achieved a BSc in Management from the London School of Economics (LSE) and an MBA from Said Business School, University of Oxford.

Upon graduating from the LSE she joined Goldman Sachs in London, where she worked in the Foreign Exchange Sales team covering Southern European clients. After her MBA, she joined Donati SPA in the property development arm of the business. In 2012, she set up Donati Immobiliare Group with a mandate to manage all of Donati‘s Italian development projects, and to expand its business overseas. She subsequently set up Donati Immobiliare Group companies in New York and then London.

Angelica resides between Rome and London, from which she oversees all of DIG’s activities. Her focus ranges from business development, through project financing, to sale and marketing.

Angelo Donati


Angelo Donati studied Engineering at the University of Rome, La Sapienza, where he achieved full marks and graduated as a Doctor Engineer in 1973.

After teaching at the university and working as an engineer for several years, he founded Donati SPA in 1978. He remains the sole director and owner of the company.

Donati SPA is a general contracting and construction firm that plans and executes civil engineering work, restoration projects, roadworks, galleries, plant and systems, etc. It is the parent of Donati Immobiliare Group and continues to carry out construction on all of DIG’s projects in Italy.

Angelo is Donati Immobiliare Group’s chairman and continuously endows DIG with his knowledge and experience for its strategic decision making.

Paolo Scorta

Director of Operations

Paolo Scorta studied Architecture at the University of Rome, La Sapienza, where he achieved full marks and graduated as an Architect in 1991.

Since graduating from university, Paolo has built up extensive portfolio of professional experience working in many different architectural design roles, with a focus on nautical work and luxury developments.

He subsequently focused on his work as a designer, site manager and project manager on private and public projects with a focus on the renovation and restoration of listed buildings.

After a plurennial collaboration with Donati SPA in Rome, he moved in London in 2014 to work for Donati Immobiliare Group.

Paolo is recognized as an Architect by the ARB and is a Part 3 Chartered Member of RIBA. In his role as Director of Operations he is consistently focused on the Group’s growth, and has worked at building a team of dynamic and enthusiastic stakeholders and partners, as well as overseeing all technical aspects of DIG’s projects.

Claudio Crisciotti

Engineering Advisor

Claudio Crisciotti studied Engineering at the University of Rome, La Sapienza, where he achieved full marks  and graduated as a Doctor Engineer in 1980.

Since graduating from university, Claudio has built up an extensive and overarching experience in all aspects of civil engineering and construction. He started out as a site manager on multiple projects, and swiftly graduated to a construction management role.  He currently works both as a consultant engineer and construction manager on several projects in Italy and abroad.

He has worked closely with Donati SPA for nearly 20 years and has worked with Donati Immobiliare Group since its inception. His invaluable technical oversight has been key to all DIG’s projects.

partners donati spa

Donati SPA is a Rome-based construction, development and investment company. It carries out construction on all of DIG’s projects in Italy.


Donati Costruzioni UK is the UK arm of Donati SPA. It carries out construction on all of DIG’s projects in the UK.

partners colonnade

Colonnade Group is a full-service real estate investment, management and development firm headquartered in New York City.

partners orsinibrewin donati

Orsinibrewin is a London based Anglo-Italian design and design management company that collaborates with developers, architects and interior designers on residential and commercial projects.

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